Keyboard, pen, notebook and coffee on desk to represent blog writing
Image of a person typing on a keyboard

The fundamental purpose of the world wide web is to provide all users with access to a powerful…

Added on 3 October 2019

image of a cloud hosting server room

Traditional hosting is not what modern website builders and owners need. All too often, web teams…

Added on 16 September 2019

Image of web designer simplifying a design

The concept of digital decluttering helps individuals decide which digital tools add the most value…

Added on 26 August 2019

A woman testing her mobile designs on her device

Today on Reshape Digital we discuss how artificial intelligence can be used to make usability…

Added on 22 August 2019

Image of two people looking at analytics on a laptop to view conversion rates.

Everywhere we look, we see “best practice” guides, especially when it comes to conversion…

Added on 16 August 2019

Two people shake hands to represent the closing of a merger or acquisition
Digital Branding in Mergers and Acquisitions

Business, Technology, Marketing

Mergers and acquisitions are carefully planned, strategic maneuvers designed to spark growth for a…

Added on 9 August 2019

Website design mockups

Today on Reshape Digital we dive deep into Dark Patterns - deceptive UX techniques used by online…

Added on 7 August 2019

JP, Chris Liko, and Stephen in the Studio

This week we talk to JP Michel, founder of SparkPath and inventor of the Challenge Cards. JP’s…

Added on 22 July 2019

Image of a woman using the internet on her laptop

Today's episode features Blake Robson and Coady McCormick of Siteimprove. In this follow up to…

Added on 25 June 2019