Keyboard, pen, notebook and coffee on desk to represent blog writing
open source code.

Open source software is not only for private sector organizations. Governments need open source to…

Added on 7 September 2018

Drupal 8 logo in space stylized to resemble planet Earth
What's new in Drupal 8.6?

Drupal, Design, Technology

The brand new Drupal 8.6 upgrade brings to the table a number of enhancements, affecting almost all…

Added on 6 September 2018

Laptop with a Canadian flag filling the screen

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police passed a resolution in August 2018 that urged the…

Added on 29 August 2018

image of search bar with SEO typed in it.

SEO is not always simple. We get it. Search engine algorithms are always changing, and it can be…

Added on 10 August 2018

Group of non-profit volunteers wearing matching shirts
The Nonprofit Digital Landscape

Technology, Business, Marketing

With changing trends in the nonprofit landscape, efficient leaders need to adjust their digital…

Added on 30 July 2018

Canadian currency

Shortly before Doug Ford became the Premier of Ontario he ordered a hiring freeze on the public…

Added on 25 July 2018

Retail shoppers sitting down with shopping bags in front of them
Personalized Retail Experiences

Design, Marketing, Cybersecurity

One of the biggest topics within retail is the role of personalization in the customer journey.…

Added on 16 July 2018

Graphic that says "ROI vs TCO"

For businesses, Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) may both seem like…

Added on 13 July 2018

Digital education concept image

In recent years, universities & colleges have embraced digital technology and digitization like…

Added on 9 July 2018