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Web Analytics

Website Analytics & Reporting

OPIN will assist you to set up monitoring and reporting of key behaviours, including click-throughs, abandonment, social sharing, drop off rates.  By bringing together these critical data points, we can set-up your team to better understand the impact of website changes and updates. They will be able to benchmark for continuous improvement year-over-year, and with the introduction of new technologies.

Our Website Analytics & Reporting Services

Website tracking and data-driven reports

We provide you with real-time visitor insights into emerging trends with a focus on high-level results capable of diving into specific and vital information when needed.

Custom research and analysis

We show you how to define and customize your own KPI's and metrics to figure out if you are on the right track towards tying website performance to overall goals and achieving better ROI.

Segmentation and personalization insights

Target specific user groups based on their visit depth and length using behaviour maps and tracking with a dynamic visualization of what is happening right now.

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OPIN is a leading digital agency providing strategic guidance, creative design, and software development powered by Open Innovation - embracing collaboration and openness in a complex world. Our award-winning work on websites, intranets, apps and martech implementations is recognized by numerous publications. OPIN is ranked as one of the fastest-growing agencies in North America.

Look at the big picture with a complete view of insights, analytics, opportunities

OPIN will equip you with the tools necessary to establish clearer goals and objectives for your organization based on captured data. Immediately see whether newly published content is being viewed. Review your marketing initiatives and assess whether new campaigns are gaining traction.

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Forecast customer behaviour and take meaningful action

We introduce analytically driven processes to your organization to enable your team to develop actionable insights from various web metrics. By analyzing visitor behaviour trends as they emerge, you will have the power to create a dynamic view of where current and recent visitors come from to give you the best next step solutions to take meaningful action.

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Monitor ROI with improved business metrics - revenue, pageviews, leads, conversion metrics and more

About 73% of all data collected in an organization goes unused. Gain a better understanding of the data you have to uncover trends in customer behaviour and interactions with our all in one reporting tools.

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