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Industry Experience

Our teams leverage vast industry experience to ensure we are bringing the best and most innovative approaches from each sector.

World Class Websites Across All Industries

OPIN is an established digital agency with staff distributed across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. We are a diverse collective of 35 innovators, planners and doers, continuously reimagining digital products and practices to help clients communicate with their audiences in the most impactful ways.

With over 200 projects for 120 clients, we have successfully delivered websites, intranets, and mobile applications across a wide range of industries. Our teams leverage that experience to ensure we are bringing the best and most innovative approaches from each sector

Our Industry Experience

Digital Strategies for Government and Public Sector

We work with government agencies at all levels to tackle increasingly complex issues. Leveraging open source technology, we help government agencies address challenges like ensuring regulatory compliance, accessibility and data privacy, accelerating and disseminating communications with citizens on important issues, creating efficient workflows and reducing the cost of technology ownership. We use our expertise to create breathtaking, seamless user experiences that surpass that of the private sector.

Our government portfolio

Design of people voting.
Design of a teacher.

Modernized University websites, designed to improve user experience and strengthen your brand

Our domain experience has taught us the shared vision, mission, and business objectives of higher education institutions. Our experts have developed an in-depth understanding of how to effectively communicate with prospective students, current students and faculty, parents, and external stakeholders, including donors, alumni, media, and accreditation agencies. Most importantly, we have learned how to help institutions address their most critical business objectives and accurately convey the exceptional work being done in and out of the classrooms.

Our education portfolio

Serve your patients better with a warm, inviting, digital healthcare experience

Have the flexibility to create and manage the delivery of helpful content that will build the trust and credibility of your organization. Now more than ever, patients are looking for a fully encompassing experience when it comes to healthcare. They expect that digital experience to be fast, deliver relevant content intuitively and provide value.

Our healthcare portfolio

Image of doctors.
Image of a donation website.

Improving digital experiences for non-profit donors and members

Digital tools and the right platform have become the most important assets to charities and nonprofits to provide organizations with more insight than ever into donor behaviour. Donors are able to make spontaneous decisions and donating online has never been easier. Find out how we help nonprofits stand out in a highly competitive online space.

Our charity & non-profit portfolio

Top notch energy & utilities website design

Communication is fundamental to the energy and utility industry. We help you unify your web platforms to deliver cohesive brand strategy and communications. Our cutting-edge projects include tools to communicate to, engage with and provide services for stakeholders. Create clarity with detailed, focused and engaging service pages.

Our energy & utilities portfolio

Image of wind turbines.
Person looking at art in a museum.

Provide an updated and more contemporary user experience

Your brand’s story should be both consistent and impactful at every point in the user’s journey. The arts and culture industry thrives on real audience connections. Before a patron ever sets foot in an art gallery, museum or concert hall, they will interact with your digital experience, requiring an integrated approach to sales-driven content and storytelling/news.

Our arts & culture portfolio

Engage your audience with an unrivalled digital sports experience

We help create digital experience platforms that communicate their stories that connect organizations with new audiences and keep their existing ones captivated. We help top sports organizations tell those stories with the latest in digital communications tools. We understand that storytelling is the best way to captivate your audience.

Our sports portfolio

Person playing basketball.
Person using a digital checkout.

Create a powerful and distinct retail experience

Create a powerful, distinct commerce experience while maintaining security, stability, and scalability. We help create SEO, PPC, web design, social media, and other online strategies to help our retail and e-commerce clients develop a strong digital presence and achieve their business goals.

Our e-commerce portfolio

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