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Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Canada’s largest children's rehabilitation hospital. The hospital provides services to 7,000 youth with disabilities and their families each year. Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital creates a world of possibilities by supporting children and youth living with disabilities, medical complexities, illnesses, and injuries.

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How we did it

The Challenge

While Holland Bloorview’s existing website was extensive and provided plenty of detailed information to clients, they still felt it needed to be improved as much as possible to streamline the navigation process. Holland Bloorview was looking to rebrand the hospital experience for children and families alike. 

Holland Bloorview’s primary objective in hiring a digital agency was to improve the navigation on their website, in addition to other design improvements. Ensuring logical and frictionless information architecture was a top priority for the hospital, whose key value driver was to improve the digital experience by providing the right information at the right time to young patients, their families, and donors.

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The Solution

The OPIN team’s first job was to fully understand the digital needs of Holland Bloorview. In addition to in-depth discovery sessions with Holland Bloorview stakeholders, OPIN drew upon their extensive experience working with clients in the healthcare space to inform their strategy for the project. 

The OPIN team, with a vast wealth of experience working for government and healthcare clients, leveraged their expertise in accessibility standards to ensure Holland Bloorview would accomplish their goal of raising the bar for online accessibility offerings worldwide.

Image of the new Holland Bloorview site on multiple Apple device screens.

In addition to accessibility for people with disabilities, ensuring information was constantly available in a convenient manner was another key value driver. The hospital staff needed a reliable hosting solution as well as a robust and scalable platform that could be managed internally with ease. Drupal’s extensive suite of publisher tools and effectiveness as a content management system for other healthcare organizations made it an attractive option for Holland Bloorview.

Presenting information in a helpful way and in a way that’s relevant to our population is going to make the experience feel warmer and inviting for kids, youth and families.

Stewart Wong

VP of Communication, Marketing, and Advocacy

The Results

Backed by data and years of experience, OPIN’s award-winning designers created engaging pages complete with “Donate Now” and “Submit a Story” calls-to-action, sliders, compelling graphics and typography, social media links, and mailing list widgets. Feature story sections including impactful banner images and options to further interact with the content were also created. The overall look and feel of the site were overhauled to better convey the brand’s message and provide a more unified, consistent design. 

Implementing an ambitious, low-cost digital solution developed by North America’s leading enterprise Drupal agency proved indispensable to Holland Bloorview.  With project goals met on time and on budget, Holland Bloorview’s new website is expected to go live in early 2019.

With the website redesign nearly complete, the OPIN team will soon be providing training services to hospital staff. This will equip them with the skills required to successfully manage content internally on their new Drupal website.

OPIN was extremely proud to have had the opportunity to convey Holland Bloorview's compelling story of their brand through the digital space in a warm, inviting, patient experience.

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