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Brand Development

Bringing Brands to Life, Digitally

Brand Development Services

Your website can be one of the first interactions for your customers and all of your stakeholders, it is one of the most important elements of your marketing and communications. 

We work with you to bring your brand to life digitally to help you establish (or re-establish) a successful online presence. Our UX and design team analyze the complexities of your brand, starting with the foundation, all the way through to your graphic standards and assets. When elements are missing or out of date, we work with your team to create a digital design system and assets to deliver your brand in a way that is memorable and consistent.

Brand Discovery and Research

We perform psychographic research of the existing brand’s stakeholders. By using methods such as surveys, OPIN’s branding experts gain an understanding of the brand in the end-users life. Research is also conducted internally within your organization. We will interview executive stakeholders, to understand the long-term strategic direction of the organization and how the brand can be designed around these goals.

Design Sprint
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Brand Foundations

Once the initial Discovery and Research phase is completed, OPIN’s branding team will start to lay out the foundation for your new brand. This involves architecting the design elements that your new brand will be based on. We work to clearly articulate the brand’s attributes, values, positioning, and value proposition. By building off of strategic objectives of our clients to ensure that each touchpoint with stakeholders mirrors the values and vision for the future of the organization.

Brand Production: Design and Voice

Your Brand Voice is your messaging and the words that are used to describe your organization. They are based on the tone and style developed in the previous phase and reflect the foundational elements of the brand. The key components of messaging are Description, Positioning, Value Proposition, and Support Points. The objective is to construct the Design System for longevity, which allows you to continue to leverage it for years to come.

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Phases of Brand Development

OPIN’s approach emphasizes continuous stakeholder engagement throughout the rebranding process to secure the longevity of the new brand identity.

Mine Phase

In the first phase, we uncover core elements of your brand: who you are, what your organization stands for and how you want to be perceived. And to do that we need to start at the highest level, learning about the purpose and vision of your organization, which we typically get from a presentation of your business plan/strategy documents and reading annual reports.

Interpret Phase

The second phase, Interpret, is where we distil the information and insights gathered in the Mine phase to create your brand foundation. These are internally-applied elements of the brand. They aren’t typically used external to your organization, but are necessary building blocks to ensure your stakeholders enjoy a consistent, memorable and unique brand experience. Your brand foundation starts with two elements typically found in business plans, your mission and vision.

Design Phase

The Design phase is where the externally-facing brand elements are developed. There are two main components: Brand Voice and Brand Visuals. Once the foundations of your new brand have been established and accepted, OPIN’s Branding Professionals develop a comprehensive Design System, this includes brand messaging, that can be applied across all materials and touchpoints with stakeholders.

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