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Who Uses Drupal?

We often get asked by people who recently learned about what is Drupal - with the common question Who uses Drupal? 

The Drupal CMS is used by one of the widest array of organizations including (but not limited to) government agencies, not for profits, retailers, news channels, blog sites, intranet portal, universities and even some of the largest enterprise companies in the world.  

Why is Drupal used across so many different industries? The answer is fairly simple - the modern framework and backend architecture has proven over and over that its solid, well-tested, scalable and secure.  This is why our web development services team relies upon Drupal exclusively to build any new digital experience supporting all the latest device types!

So many of the world’s largest and most visited websites rely upon Drupal to serve their digital audiences every day, so here is a list of 60 websites using Drupal!

So where is Drupal used?

The following 60 sites are great examples of “Powered by Drupal”, and just show the breadth and depth of use cases this robust platform can handle giving you peace of mind with performance, functionality, support and security!

60 Websites built with Drupal

To make this easier, we broke out these 60 Drupal websites into a couple of common industries so you can more easily digest the list:

  • Corporate
  • News & Entertainment
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Government

Bonus: We also are the corporation that has built the largest intranet portal in the world using the Drupal platform!

Corporate Drupal Websites

Here are 10 corporate enterprise websites that utilize Drupal in no particular order:

  1. General Electric
  2. Tesla
  3. Twitter
  4. Timex
  5. Verizon
  6. Nokia
  7. Charles Schwab
  8. Puma
  9. Cisco
  10. NASA

News and Entertainment Drupal Websites

Here are 10 news and entertainment websites that utilize Drupal in no particular order:

  1. Fox
  2. The BBC
  3. The Economist
  4. NBC
  5. The Weather Channel
  6. Warner Music Group
  7. Al Jazeera
  8. Lady Gaga
  9. Entertainment Weekly
  10. The Emmy Awards

Higher Education Drupal Websites

Here are 10 higher education (universities/colleges) websites that utilize Drupal (in no particular order):

  1. Georgetown University
  2. George Washington University
  3. Stanford University
  4. Oxford University
  5. Brown University
  6. Cornell University
  7. Royal Military College of Canada
  8. University of Northern British Columbia
  9. Dartmouth College
  10. Georgia Tech

Healthcare & Non-Profit Organizations Drupal Websites

Here are 10 healthcare & non-profit organization websites that utilize Drupal (in no particular order):

  1. Novartis
  2. Flexible Benefit Services
  3. Great Ormond Street Hospital
  4. Greenpeace
  5. Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
  6. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  7. U of M Health Systems
  8. The British Medical Journal
  9. The Wildlife Trusts
  10. The Stroke Association

Travel Organizations Drupal Websites

Here are 10 travel organization websites that utilize Drupal (in no particular order):

  1. Seychelles
  2. Aeolis Tino Suites
  3. Squaw Valley
  4. Bahamas.com
  5. Princess Cruises
  6. AAA
  7. Fiji
  8. TUI
  9. Belize
  10. TravelNation

Government Drupal Websites

Here are 10 Government websites that utilize Drupal (in no particular order):

  1. State of Colorado
  2. Government of Bermuda
  3. World Economic Forum
  4. City of Austin
  5. City of LA
  6. Government of Australia
  7. New York State
  8. State of Georgia
  9. US Department of Transportation
  10. US Department of Energy


The largest corporate intranet portal built today on the Drupal CMS platform is Alimentation Couche-Tard! 

Called “The Inner Circle” this ambitious intranet project has connected over 130,000 employees worldwide, under the conglomerate's three major brands: Couche-Tard, Circle K and Ingo.

OPIN worked with ACT to incorporate a number of collaborative features to the platform to encourage user engagement.  Together we created a global intranet solution that would allow Alimentation Couche-Tard employees, franchise operators, and others to access a single global solution that would improve communication, improve best practices and knowledge sharing and standardize operation support to the stores worldwide. 

What is Drupal best used for?

There are many, many use cases for why you would use Drupal. Here are a couple of the top use cases:

High Traffic Websites:

From small to large, Drupal handles it all.  However, if you are a corporation with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of users your website needs to scale with that demand and Drupal has proven over and over it can handle it.

Distributed Content Contributors:

For websites that need to have workflows that allow lots of people to contribute/submit content and review with varying privileges and access roles, Drupal has you covered.  This is a very common need in sports, media, entertainment and travel websites.

Multisite Websites:

Similar to the use case above, for large organizations that have lots of brands, departments (ex. Universities/Colleges, Hospitals), product lines (ex. car manufacturers), all have one thing in common the need to maintain certain controls, standards and brand consistency while remaining flexible. 

Therefore, Drupal’s Multisite capabilities is a perfect feature that allows separate, independent sites to be served from a single codebase. Each site has its own database, configuration, files and base domain or URL.

Content-Type Flexibility:

If your website requires a wide range of web page types again Drupal has your back.  Common content page types include articles, blog posts, support tickets, videos, and forum posts.

Highly Secure Websites:

Organizations that demand very high security of their website, where a solid backend is required to help remain functional in spite of traffic spikes or DDoS attacks Drupal is your preferred choice.

Complex Sites

While Drupal is awesome for beginners and intermediate webmasters and contributors, it can also be customized to your heart's content to handle the most complicated, ambitious web projects.  So if your website requires a complex structure with a finely-tuned architecture to serve relevant content to its users, Drupal will be your best CMS choice.

In Summary

Drupal is an awesome platform and is arguably the most powerful and flexible content management system available in the world today.

For good reason, it is the trusted platform of choice for the world’s largest and most highly visible websites.

With a modern, open API infrastructure, the Drupal CMS can power so much more than just a website which is why its being adapted more widely to help power the future digital strategies for so many companies.

Some people believe that Drupal then must be too expensive and too complicated to learn but guess what - they are wrong!

Drupal is open-source, meaning its actually free and maintained by one of the largest volunteer networks of developers in the world who make sure that the platform continues to improve in features, functionality, integrations, security (yes, open-source is more secure, really!), scalable and so much more.

So if you are interested in seeing it in action, then sign up for our FREE Drupal Test Drive!

Thanks for reading!

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