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Drupal Website Performance Audit

Get a snapshot review of how your website is performing. OPIN site audits for Drupal gives you a complete breakdown of any issues you are facing.

Drupal Website Audits

Keeping your website performing at a high level is tricky. Scheduling regular site audits are an important aspect of making website improvements.

Luckily, OPIN will provide you with website analytics and reports, giving you an in-depth and easily digestible breakdown of your entire website score. Our years of
Drupal website design and development expertise gives us the ability to highlight and help solve key issues as they appear on your site.

Monitoring and Reporting

With OPIN’s processes, technical depth and expertise, content recommendations will be provided on an ongoing basis. Our counsel will adapt to suit your user’s evolving behaviour. The OPIN team will provide website monitoring, optimization and reporting tools necessary to track key behaviour including click-throughs, abandonment, social sharing, drop off rates.

Monitor ROI & Business Metrics

About 73% of all data collected in an organization goes unused. Gain a better understanding of the data you have to uncover trends in customer behaviour and interactions with our all in one reporting tools.

Accessibility Content Compliance

Accessible web design is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of your website. OPIN will assist your organization in exceeding technical and content management regulatory requirements allowing you to become a next-generation organization. You will be able to better understand and optimize accessibility issues to ensure your users have access to the information they need.

Our complete guide for accessibility compliance is a great place for you start if you are in need of some accessibility how to's and best practices!


The open source CMS supports the largest, most complex multisite infrastructures. Drupal reduces IT costs and accelerates time to market for our clients. Users don't depend on IT to publish content, and robust content management enables reusable assets across sites and platforms.


The methodology helps us deliver client solutions as envisioned. Development timelines are reduced and collaboration ensures that the project exceeds client expectations across the board. Our project teams are cohesive and work together on every project, meaning guaranteed results for clients.


Our unparalleled expertise means that we understand the challenges faced by the largest enterprises. OPIN's track record of delivering projects on time and on budget eliminates risk. We deliver solutions that are designed to drive revenue for North America's largest enterprises.


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