Site Audit

Optimize your digital presence with an-depth site review.

OPIN provides its clients with comprehensive site audits that will assess your website's content, SEO, accessibility, navigation, UX, and more. 

Thanks to our partner SiteImprove, OPIN clients can receive access to the most sophisticated and easy-to-use set of site auditing tools in the industry. SiteImprove's site auditing tools allow users to:

  • Identify, locate, and prioritize errors so you can eliminate broken links, misspellings, and other user experience issues on your website
  • Ensure content is appropriate for your audience by standardizing against 7 universal readability tests
  • View a full site inventory showing you every page, link, image, document, JavaScript File, etc.
  • Monitor website content for anything that violates internal best practices, branding, style, legal, or regulatory policies
  • Create custom rules to enforce content consistency, remove undesirable terminology or jargon, ensure information is up to date
  • Pinpoint errors across your digital presence by employing best practices found in the policy library or custom policies created for your organization
  • Perform automated testing against WCAG 2.0 guidelines (A, AA, AAA) during development and on an ongoing basis after launch

Perform the most extensive site audit in history