Hosting - Security

OPIN has partnered with Acquia, the world's largest open source software company, to provide our clients with the world's most secure hosting solutions.

The world's most powerful Drupal hosting solution offers extensive security features

Acquia Enterprise Cloud


Acquia Cloud provides a secure platform where customers may build and manage world-class, highly secure Drupal sites. Acquia manages, monitors, and secures the environment where customer websites run including the operating system and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack and network layers of Acquia Cloud. Additionally, Acquia provides tools, support, and resources that enable our customers to maintain secure Drupal websites.

Organizations with the most stringent security requirements chose Acquia to deploy their digital experiences including NASDAQ, Caisse de Dépôt, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Security is at the forefront of the Acquia Cloud, embedded into every layer of the architecture, including:

  • IP-based restrictions that prevent unauthorized access to customer systems. Ž  
  • Acquia employs security monitoring applications that continuously monitor for possible or actual security breaches, configured to alert necessary personnel. Ž  
  • Acquia performs vulnerability scans of production systems on a monthly basis and penetration testing on a yearly basis. Ž  
  • Acquia Cloud offers two-factor authentication and granular permission settings to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your environment. Ž  
  • Acquia undergoes several annual, third-party attestations performed by an independent, certified public accounting firm and qualified security assessor (QSA) including:
    • FedRAMP for the US Government
    • SOC 1/ISAE 3402 Type 2
    • SOC 2 Type 2
    • PCI-DSS
    • HIPAA AT101 Ž  

Web Application Firewall

The frequency and strength of cyber threats and attacks are on the rise. Through the exploitation of millions of insecure Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, the creation of botnets waging highly distributed volumetric attacks is easier and more impactful than ever before.

For clients seeking to protect themselves from cyber threats and attacks  - Acquia Cloud Web Application Firewall provides the resilience and intelligence of a scalable network to combat the biggest and newest attacks.  Uses cases include:

Mitigate DDoS attacks - Protect applications, websites, and APIs from malicious traffic targeting network and application layers, to maintain availability and performance, while containing operating costs.

Prevent customer data breach - Prevent attackers from compromising sensitive customer data, such as user credentials, credit card information, and other personally identifiable information.

Block malicious bot abuse - Block abusive bots from damaging Internet properties through content scraping, fraudulent checkout, and account takeover.

Agile Cloud Shield

For customers seeking maximum privacy and isolation - Acquia Cloud Shield provides a dedicated, logically isolated section of Acquia Cloud with a customizable network configuration.

Acquia Cloud Shield enables organizations to deliver these types of digital experiences through a dedicated, logically isolated section of the Acquia Cloud, with the ability to extend the organization’s datacenter to their section of the Acquia Cloud. The isolation and datacenter to web connection increases privacy and security for business critical applications. Acquia Cloud Shield is highly recommended for specific use cases, including:

  • Control of Sensitive Data: Using a combination of public and private clouds, sensitive data can be routed from your Acquia Cloud application to supporting systems within your data center through a virtual private network (VPN). This allows you to securely and easily bridge your corporate network to sites on Acquia Cloud for maximum control over business critical data.

  • Compliance: If your organization must comply with PCI, HIPAA, or other regulatory requirements, Acquia Cloud Shield enables you to enforce stricter controls over data by segregating your Acquia Cloud infrastructure from that of other Acquia customers, and by enabling your organization to maintain sensitive data within your network.

Acquia Cloud Shield combines the security benefits of a private isolated network with the efficiency benefits of a PaaS cloud environment.