Content Writing

OPIN has experience writing user-centric content for clients, as well as engaging partners to produce high-quality content that drives engagement.

Case Study: Industry Canada's Blueprint 2020 Initiative

OPIN Software has experience writing user-centric web content. OPIN was responsible for preparing the Drupal-based digital engagement platform and supporting content for Industry Canada’s Blueprint 2020 initiative.

In collaboration with the Industry Canada’s Communications Team, OPIN developed targeted content to encourage participation within the platform, as well as generate valuable feedback through the engagement. Content was prepared using appropriate headlines and summary texts to encourage engagement and participation in the discussion. OPIN was responsible for preparing content for the basic instructional pages, the discussions questions, question summaries, and facilitation questions to keep the conversation focused.

The online approach supplemented other Blueprint 2020 activities with a more flexible and interactive method of conversing on multiple topics. It was convenient to access, thus minimizing issues related to coordination of schedules. The online platform gave participants an opportunity to contribute to Industry Canada’s and Canadian Public Service future.


Content Produced by Partners

We know how important it is to create good content that speaks to your audience. That's why we ensure our clients are always equipped with the resources they need to produce content themselves, or in some cases, get a little help.

For extensive volumes of content, to create content under a time constraint, or in cases where our in-house staff is not equipped to produce certain kinds of content, OPIN will work with multiple vendors and freelancers to provide custom, industry-specific content to our clients.

OPIN can speak to the quality of outsourced content - our own blog consists of several posts that were created by professional writers. These blogs often do exceptionally well for engaging our own audience, and we are confident it will do the same for our clients that opt to receive the service.