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Reshape Digital #13: Breaking Your Brand
As enterprises become established, their brand perception is cemented. Companies can have difficulty controlling their brand in the digital landscape. Listen to this episode of Reshape Digital to find out how to break your brand and direct the digital narrative.

An excellent example of an enterprise's attempt at breaking their brand is McDonald's. With the Our food. Your questions. campaign, the company wanted to undo decades of urban myths, negative publicity and assumptions about their brand and products. In doing so, McDonald's sought to control the narrative surrounding their brand, and prevent false stories from spreading across the internet like wildfire.

Many of today's companies tackle digital transformation projects with specific objectives in mind. Oftentimes, the focus is efficiency, communication, revenue or even branding. Many of these projects present a unique opportunity to break the brand, but few organizations seize it. When launching a new look and feel for your company, you have the opportunity to reposition yourself among your biggest skeptics. This goes far beyond a new logo, new colours or a new website. This is an opportunity to decide on the narrative surrounding your business, and dictate that narrative using digital platforms. Rather than continually shoehorning your company into an outdated notion of who you are, take the opportunity to decide who you want to be, and leverage your digital projects to make that a reality.

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