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Reshape Digital #10: Impatient Marketing
Good, fast, cheap, pick two. Good marketing takes patience. But what if marketing could move fast? Is there a way to go back to the fundamentals and circumvent patience in marketing? In this episode of the Reshape Digital podcast, we discuss Impatient Marketing.

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There is an old saying in the tech world that sometimes crosses over to marketing. It goes something like this: good, fast, cheap, pick two. The saying isn’t necessarily wrong. Do a google search for the words “marketing” and “patience” - you will get dozens of results where marketers highlight a number of reasons why you need patience to do good marketing. A lot of these articles read like letters to their bosses. Still, these people are not wrong. Developing a digital project can take months or even years. Building SEO equity for a site or even for a page can take weeks to months. Generating traffic to your best blog post ever! can be a slow burn. And creating well-researched, well-written content is not an instantaneous process.

We get it - marketing takes patience. But today we unpack whether that statement has to be true. What if marketing could move fast? Is there a way to go back to the fundamentals to circumvent patience in marketing? Here are the key points we discuss in this episode:

Understand Your Customers

The value of human interaction with your prospects and customers. Reach out to understand the needs and wants of your audience. This information can be an invaluable asset and is one of the best ways to get a quick win.

Minimum Viable Product

Testing is a marketer’s bread and butter. In order to test, you need to have something to test. Instead of taking weeks or months to ship a finished product, why not launch an MVP and run some tests so you can get valuable data to improve upon?

Content Recycling

Marketers often tout the merit of recycling and refreshing content rather than starting from scratch. This is one of the best ways to move fast in marketing. You take an existing blog and share it across new channels or upcycle the content into a whitepaper.


Many marketing projects are delayed because of a new site launch or missing pieces needed to publish content. Taking a digital-last approach to content can accelerate your time to market. Don’t wait for the website to launch before preparing content. If you have everything you need, you can pull the trigger as soon as the tools are available to you.

Over the Fence

A lot of organizations have friction between marketing and sales. How is a Marketing Qualified Lead defined? When is the right time to toss it over the fence? It’s important to remember that every lead is different and that you won’t be able to define an MQL or SQL on the first try. Start throwing some highly engaged leads over the fence and see what sticks. Leverage a collaborative approach between departments and close the feedback loop to perfect your pipeline.