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OPIN highlights the technology shift fuelling innovation in Canadian government
OPIN covers the ongoing adoption of open source in the public sector, an initiative geared towards innovation and improving capabilities, instead of technology maintenance.

Focusing on themes of collaboration, cost-effectiveness and the smart use of technology, OPIN covers how using Drupal, the Government of Canada can become a more modern workplace so that it can meet citizens’ continuing demands for more IT-enabled services and for these services to be available through new channels.

For over a decade, OPIN has been on the front lines advocating open source in government for its actionable and versatile capabilities, making for a more efficient and effective government.

With the adoption of open source in government, they are able to iterate faster,  keep costs low and maintain streamlined usability, greatly increasing the abilities of their IT and Communications departments. 

OPIN is one of the leading agencies that implement Drupal solutions for the Government of Canada. OPIN delivers the digital experience platform, support, and expertise necessary to match competitive enterprise solutions that technology companies in the private sector possess.

Explore OPIN's thoughts on the technology shift fuelling innovation in Canadian government.
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How Drupal Empowers Government Innovation and Communication

Open source is revolutionizing the Government of Canada’s technology landscape. Help your department gain flexibility, iterate rapidly and accelerate time to market with Drupal.

Download our recent webinar, “Open Source in Canada: How Drupal Empowers Government Innovation and Communication” and learn why government agencies in over 150 countries are steadily adopting open-source.