Industry Canada - Blueprint 2020

Before Blueprint 2020 became the buzzword that it is today, Industry Canada sought a way to leverage digital tools to support greater employee engagement and collaboration.

Industry Canada - Blueprint 2020

On the heels of a successful team engagement initiative that relied on OPIN’s engagement and installation of intranet, Industry Canada decided to make greater use of digital technology to encourage even more employee collaboration and engagement online.

After seeing the effects the intranet had on one branch, Industry Canada decided it wanted to take it company wide.

Industry Canada had the ideas and the insight it needed within its corridors, it just needed to tap into a little more effectively and consistently. Industry Canada’s first introduction to Highpoint was limited to one branch but it was enough to give the Department a reason to be optimistic that the same exercise would have equally promising results on a much larger scale. 

OPIN implemented its engagement and a consultation platform to support Industry Canada’s broader employee engagement objectives. The web implementation helped facilitate discussions outside the constraints of the boardroom. The Drupal powered platform increased the sharing of ideas with hundreds more contributing than anyone had expected. It also led to an easier search of relevant experts and research topics, ultimately resulting in more effective and informed decisions within the organization. The changes were in keeping with an overall Government of Canada objective to incorporate new technology to help innovate and become more effective leading to 2020. 

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"Boardroom meetings have been around as long as the corporation; today’s technology is the perfect tool to build off this structure and adapt to the needs of the modern organization"