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What's New in Drupal 8.8?
Drupal 8.8 will be released on December 4, 2019, built with contributions from 641 individuals and 243 organizations. Drupal 8.8 will be the last minor version of Drupal 8 ahead of the release of Drupal 9, set for June 2020.

At OPIN, we are excited to begin working with the new features that are available in Drupal 8.8 which will help us to continue delivering industry-leading digital solutions. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from Drupal 8.8.

Media management with WYSIWYG editor

Drupal 8.7 made bulk uploads into the media library possible, which improved user experience (UX) drastically. Drupal 8.8 takes UX a step further by addressing the one issue that was keeping Media Library from being marked as fully implemented, or non-experimental: WYSIWYG integration. WYSIWYG integration simplifies content editing as this module replaces any other editor integration modules. 

This module has an abstraction layer for other Drupal editors to integrate with, meaning that other Drupal content editing modules are functional regardless of the editor that you have installed. Website builders and content editors will be able to easily embed media into their site as Drupal 8.8 is equipped with complete media management. This is a significant change for Drupal users as the media management features have been going through a transformation for nearly a decade. WYSIWYG integration completes Drupal’s media management transformation which will offer site builders and content creators a simplified way to embed media into their Drupal sites. 

Composer in Drupal core initiative

Current versions do not have an intuitive way to make use of Composer-based dependencies, and there are some modules that require Composer to be used to install them. A composer plugin places scaffold files from the Drupal core project into their chosen location. Only individual files can be scaffolded. 

The purpose is to let Drupal sites be fully managed in Composer while still having the placement of individual files in arbitrary locations as an option. This means that with Drupal 8.8, the core version will be built using Composer and will not break when the user needs Composer to manage the site. Making it easier for Drupal users to manage various modules that the site is composed of.

Content Moderation and workspaces core modules can be used on the same site with Drupal 8.8

With Drupal 8.8 the Content Moderation and Workspaces modules will now be compatible with each other and can be installed together. When a moderation workflow is facilitated for an entity and if there are entities in drafted or unpublished moderation states in a workspace, that workspace will not be published until the draft reaches a publishable moderation state. This feature will have an impact on administrators, editors, as well as site builders.

Faster JSON:API module 

The JSON:API module, which allows content creators and developers to create their content without having to write a single line of code, is expected to be significantly faster with Drupal 8.8. The JSON:API module integrates Drupal’s ecosystem of web services that are responsible for third-party content. This module provides a painless authoring experience that is compliant with industry standards and is flexible.

New and Modern Administration Theme

Built on top of the Seven theme, it is likely that the Claro theme will be an experimental theme in Drupal 8.8 core. Claro has an improved appearance that is responsive and enhances web accessibility. 

Claro has been implemented using the new Drupal Design System. The design system makes the Claro theme more appealing to users with the use of cooler colours and colour contrast. This theme makes a site easier to operate on different devices including touch screens by increasing the size of form controls. Frontend controls like Quick Edit and Toolbars will be involved in the new design system. 

Drupal is the leading open source content management system and is constantly being improved by a global community of contributors, with the purpose of transforming digital experiences. At OPIN our team enables our clients to take full advantage of Drupal’s functionality. Upgrading to Drupal 8.8 is the best way to prepare your organization for the release of Drupal 9 in June 2020 and lead your industry in digital experience.

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