Royal Military College Taps OPIN to Revamp Old Website

The Royal Military College had about three months to bring their entire website out of the dark ages. No one felt up to the challenge; then we came along.

The Royal Military College had about 6,000 pages that were stored as static HTML files. Each page included two files so the content would be available in either French or English.

Any changes to the format or logos, for instance, had to be applied to each and every file – which is how things worked about 25 years ago. As the college started to upgrade to the Web Experience Toolkit, they saw an opportunity to move the entire website onto a new content management system. They chose Drupal as the option to meet their needs. The catch: they had a three-month time frame to do it. The tight timeline seemed to be too daunting for most firms, but where others saw too great a challenge, OPIN sensed an opportunity.

The goals for the project were the following:

  • Upgrade the web content management system to Drupal 7.
  • Consolidate existing Drupal 7 websites into single multisite.
  • Implement the latest version of the Web Experience Toolkit (Government of Canada Standard)
  • Ensure the new website was compliant with WCAG “AA” standards.
  • Ensure the new website was responsive, addressing the growing smartphone audience.
  • Ensure the new website met the Government of Canada’s official language requirements (English, French).
  • Ensure website met the Government of Canada’s standard for metadata.

Since 2011, OPIN has been building and perfecting a series of modules and toolkits to make us more efficient and effective. A project of this scale allowed us to test them all out in perfect sequence and we are extremely proud to note that the modules and tools helped us accomplish what we set out to do. OPIN met the Royal Military College’s seemingly impossible timelines and delivered for them a much more modern and user-friendly website. To make the website more effective and better respond to the needs of its visitors, OPIN conducted user testing to make sure the most requested information was also the easiest to access. Because Drupal was a completely new system for the organization, we also trained personnel to be confident and highly effective using the system and set them up with the skills needed to take control of the new site.

The website can be found at