A woman testing her mobile designs on her device
Reshape Digital #18: Artificial Intelligence and Usability
Today on Reshape Digital we discuss how artificial intelligence can be used to make usability testing on the web more accurate, more objective, and more cost-effective at scale. But can it completely replace human processes?

Usability is the most important aspect of a website. It dictates how easily users can access information and complete tasks on your website, contributing directly to the company's business objectives. 

Traditionally, usability testing for websites involves significant human capital: human evaluators and human test subjects. While necessary to an extent, there are two core problems with this approach that artificial intelligence will soon address:


  1. A lack of objectivity and internal biases
  2. It is not cost-effective at scale and consumes significant resources


We explore the latest research on usability testing with AI, and venture deeper into what other web design and development processes AI may one day replace.