JP, Chris Liko, and Stephen in the Studio
Reshape Digital #16: Career Building and the Challenge Mindset (feat. JP Michel of SparkPath)
This week we talk to JP Michel, founder of SparkPath and inventor of the Challenge Cards. JP’s mission is to inspire and guide young people to build extraordinary careers using the challenge mindset. Learn how the challenge mindset can be used to inspire a new generation of workers, and how it can be applied within the current workforce.

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Today's guest on Reshape Digital is JP Michel, who believes the Challenge Mindset is the key to unlocking human potential. To support his mission, JP founded SparkPath, an organization that provides resources to employers, educators, students, and parents to help guide the next generation of workers in their careers. 

To facilitate this process, JP invented the Challenge Cards to help people discover what they are passionate about. Last year JP sold over 3000 decks of Challenge Cards and is on pace to beat that number in 2019. Many universities are now using SparkPath's career tools, including but not limited to: Queen's University, McGill University, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Toronto. 

JP Showing Stephen Challenge Cards
JP showing Stephen how to use the Challenge Cards

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