The OPIN Mic: Supporting Open Source

The OPIN Mic is back with its new and improved format! In the new format, Chris speaks on one topic alongside a guest for a short period of time. We are very excited with this reinvented approach as it allows us to really drive home the content with a compelling conversation.

In this new episode, Chris and Nikko discuss ideas surrounding the concept of implementing an open source CMS like Drupal over a proprietary CMS. What Drupal serves to do and how it does it differently than others.

We discuss the “know how” needed when jumping into Drupal and how issues can be tracked and dealt with as opposed to the downfalls of a proprietary application. For instance, when running into an issue and Drupal you can see who is working on your issue when they are working and you can even join in unison to fix the issue yourself.

Nikko divulges into his support experience with Enterprise Drupal customers and a small tidbit of his funniest experiences since his start with Drupal.  

Furthermore, Chris and Nikko discuss the security updates that Drupal goes through and whether they are adequate or overkill in common situations. The pair also discusses where Drupal has room for improvement and how much improvement the platform has to make.

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