The OPIN Mic: Evolving your Website

In this episode of the OPIN Mic, we chat with Blake Robson and Coady McCormick of Siteimprove. We discuss the benefits of the Siteimprove platform and what this technology can do for you.

Coady brings a perspective on the healthcare and government sectors, while we discuss how so many websites reach a state where they are in need of an overhaul. Learn how to always keep your website fresh and engaging!

Keeping your organization's website up to date is incredibly challenging. Many enterprises are constantly adding new content and pages while making changes to the existing site. It can be an uphill battle to keep content fresh, links functioning and pages accessible. This is where the Siteimprove platform comes into play.

In this podcast, we discuss how small teams of marketers and content creators can amplify their teams' capabilities using Siteimprove. Managing everything on your website, including SEO, links, accessibility, and content becomes a breeze. Coady and Blake from Siteimprove share with us some of their experiences, detailing how the platform has turned things around for many enterprises that were struggling to manage their digital footprint.

Here at OPIN, we frequently work with organizations that have an outdated, broken website that hasn't been upgraded in five or more years. These people find themselves asking "How did we get here?" In this podcast, we find out how to avoid ever getting there, using Siteimprove to keep your website at the cutting edge - for years to come.

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