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OPIN Company Update: May 2019
2019 has been a successful year for OPIN so far. Keep reading to learn about company news, groundbreaking new projects, and what the future holds for Canada’s fastest-growing digital agency.

At OPIN, we’ve been working tirelessly to consistently deliver groundbreaking digital experiences to our clients. In 2018, OPIN was declared the fastest-growing digital agency in Canada, as reported in Canadian Business. Since the start of 2019, OPIN has made significant advances to continue to propel its growth into 2019 and well into the next decade.

Here are some of OPIN’s big wins so far in 2019:

Company News:

OPIN’s Director of Technology Recognized by Business Community

Steve Lavigne, OPIN’s Director of Technology, received the Forty Under 40 award for business excellence and contributions to the local business community.

Steve Lavigne, Forty under 40 Recipient

OPIN’s new Director of Operations

OPIN is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Johnson as our new Director of Operations. Chris brings a wealth of expertise to his role at OPIN, including his experience as a trusted advisor to over 100 software companies focused on accelerating growth.

Internal Development

Two employees, Sulaabh Jerath (pictured below) and Zhe Zhang, have recently graduated from OPIN’s internship program, earning their industry-standard certification in Drupal. They have joined OPIN’s product teams as junior developers. These employees are excelling in their new roles, validating OPIN’s model for cultivating talent internally. Three more interns are set to graduate in July.

Sulaabh, a graduate of OPIN's internship program

Team Growth

OPIN has added sixteen new employees in the last 3 months, meeting all employment targets to scale the company and take on bigger, more ambitious projects. With OPIN’s new fifteen-day onboarding program, new employees are brought up to speed and empowered quicker than ever before. Our most recent addition is Rune, the new product owner for POD3 (pictured below).

Rune Product Owner at OPIN

New podcast launched!

OPIN’s marketing team has been hard at work on a new weekly podcast called Reshape Digital, where hosts Chris Liko and Stephen Boucher take alternative approaches to the emerging technologies and trends shaping the modern digital landscape.

Reshape Digital Podcast Graphic


Exciting Projects:


Website launch: Federation of Canadian Municipalities

OPIN designed, built, and successfully launched a clean, modern website for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is a body tasked with representing the interests of municipalities across the country to the Government of Canada.

FCM Desktop website

Website launch: Halifax Water

OPIN helped Halifax Water revamp their web presence to better serve their customers and leverage emerging technologies. This includes integrating the site with 83,000 smart meters across the utility’s service area. Halifax Water provides critical water, fire protection, wastewater, and stormwater services to Halifax’s approximate 355,000 residents.

Halifax Water Tablet and Phone

Website launch: Canada Winter Games

OPIN has been providing digital services for the Canada Games since the 2015 Games. One of the largest events hosted in Alberta in over three decades, the 2019 Canada Winter Games website was launched in time for the games. The site proved a valuable resource for the 3600 athletes and 20,000 visitors who travelled to Red Deer for the event. Canada Games presented special medals for OPIN in recognition of our team’s efforts, proudly displayed in our Ottawa headquarters.

Medals given to OPIN from CGC

OPIN’s Future

Ready for Drupal 9

OPIN is hard at work preparing its clients for the much-anticipated release of Drupal 9 next year. The first step is to get everyone on Drupal 8.7, released just a couple of weeks ago. This will ensure a much smoother transition to Drupal 9. If you’re interested in becoming Drupal 9-ready, reach out to us today!

A leader in web accessibility

As a forward-looking agency, OPIN understands the growing importance of web accessibility for enterprises. OPIN is leading the charge on web accessibility, ensuring all our client projects set new standards for accessibility and all employees are aware of issues concerning web accessibility and trained in WCAG compliance.

OPIN employees in OPIN-branded hoodies

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