The Epic Return of The OPIN Mic Podcast

On the inaugural first podcast back, Suzy talks with OPIN’s Ash Zade, a powerhouse product owner, and Josh Awad, OPIN’s dedicated business development leader. They discuss their thoughts on the state of Drupal and Drupal 8.4, Drupal in the Enterprise, DrupalCon Vienna, industry trends and newly released Acquia Journey and DAM.

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Testing 1, 2, 3… and we’re live!

After a one year hiatus, we’re bringing back the ever-popular OPIN Mic podcast with a spruced up name, new host, intelligent guests and a fresh lineup of great topics.

“We’re so thrilled to have the podcast up and running again,” says OPIN CEO Chris Smith. “It was a huge hit when we were producing it last year and it’s going to be even better now.”  

The OPIN Mic is a podcast powered by a passion for Drupal. From selling and marketing to design and development, it’s a unique peek into digital agency life at OPIN Software. Hosted by OPIN Marketing Manager Suzy Kendrick on the main mic, tune in as she chats to Drupal developers, product owners and everyone in between to make sure you’re in the know with all things Drupal.

“The OPIN Mic takes a holistic view on the business of Drupal and all the intricate pieces that come together to make a digital agency successful,” says Kendrick. “Each month, we’ll be inviting guests who are experts in their field on-air with us. We hope to educate and inspire our listeners.”

But don’t be mistaken, while the subject matter can be heavy at times, the banter and conversation are light and lively. The OPIN Mic breaks things down for the beginner and dives deep for the more technically skilled, all while making terrible puns and hilarious references to pop culture memes. Plus, we always finish off on a light note with the Drupal Dad Joke of the Month.

If you’re a developer, business owner, marketer, sales associate or just have a general interest in the tech industry, then this podcast is for you.

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