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Drupal CMS for Global Enterprises
Global content management can feel like a juggling act. It requires around the clock management of several content types, in any number of languages, all while keeping that content secure, accurate and up to date.

Drupal CMS for Global Enterprises

Enterprises today need an agile, scalable system that is capable of efficiently managing dynamic, multilingual content. Not every content management system (CMS) is able to meet the demands of global businesses.

That’s why international enterprises prefer Drupal.

Drupal is a PHP-based, open source content management system. It is one of the world’s most popular CMS platforms for managing large-scale digital experiences in a number of industries, including healthcare, higher education, government, media, and publishing.

Drupal is ideal for global enterprises because of its reliability, scalability, customization, security and world-ready multilingual capability.


Introduced in 2001, Drupal is the most mature and reliable CMS on the market. Global enterprises and large government sites can’t afford to have their sites crash as the result of increased site traffic or volume. With frequent updates, the Drupal platform is being enhanced to continually meet the growing list of enterprise needs. Large businesses are only willing to invest in technology with a reliable roadmap that can adapt to their needs for years to come.


Scalability and speed are critical for enterprises that want the ability to quickly create multilingual websites when entering new global markets.  Drupal offers both scalability and speed. When compared to WordPress, Drupal ranks as extremely scalable. The system is built for speed and produces some of the fastest loading websites.


Drupal offers a wide variety of stable modules that can quickly deploy any feature. There are over 16,000 add-on modules for Drupal, making it a modular and extremely extensible platform with unmatched flexibility. It is configurable and provides solutions for virtually every type of content, and seamlessly integrates with existing data repositories and internal publishing tools.


A recent comparison of the top CMS platforms found that “security is one of Drupal’s strong suits and the CMS is very safe out of the box.” Industry research shows that Drupal has one of the lowest vulnerability percentages (2%) with fewer infected websites when compared to the most popular CMS platforms. The official Drupal website notifies users of any vulnerabilities and has several extensions to make your site more secure, including a module dedicated to creating security reports.


World-Ready Multilingual Capability

The ability to translate content is part of Drupal core. Unlike other CMS solutions, you don’t have to install extensions to create multilingual content. Drupal is world-ready with integrated, multilingual capability that allows you to upload files, have them translated and download them back into your system without ever leaving the Drupal environment.

The ability to quickly deliver localized content makes Drupal the best choice for enterprises that need to enter new markets quickly, to increase global sales and market share, ahead of the competition.


Lingotek + OPIN: The Leaders in Drupal Integration for Global Enterprises

Lingotek + OPIN work together to provide expert consulting, implementation and integration solutions for global enterprises’ content management. Our deep Drupal expertise helps us meet the unique requirements of delivering personalized digital experiences for enterprises looking to quickly enter new markets with content specifically tailored to the region and culture.

OPIN Software specializes in planning, deploying, and supporting Drupal for large and mid-market enterprises and government agencies. It is a leading and award-winning provider of Drupal open-source software solutions and offers services, hosting, and training services. Since its inception in 2010, OPIN has been helping clients in several industries--municipal, academic, sports, federal, automotive, healthcare--fully leverage their site potential, enabling them to meet client expectations and achieve critical goals with significant cost savings.

Lingotek has the best Drupal translation module in the industry with twice the downloads and websites of any other multilingual connector. The Lingotek - Inside Drupal Module is sponsored by Lingotek and built on Drupal's standard multilingual modules for Drupal 6, 7 and 8 (Locale, content translation, entity translation, internationalization, etc).

A graphic depicting the Lingotek Inside Drupal Module and how it interacts with enterprise web architecture

The Lingotek - Inside Drupal Module integrates with Lingotek’s automated, cloud-based translation management system to give users access to professional-grade translation tools directly within Drupal. The Drupal 8 module was built with translation in mind, making it easier for Drupal users to create multilingual content that will engage a global audience. The module helps Drupal users get a site multilingual-ready in minutes, not months.

In 2018, OPIN is ranked as the 4th fastest-growing information technology company in Canada. Working exclusively in enterprise Drupal, OPIN leverages a unique combination of open source technology and Agile methodology to build ambitious digital experiences.

Lingotek has a long history of Drupal support. They are a corporate sponsor of, a key contributor to its Premium Technology Supporting Partnership and is a Top 30 Contributor to the Drupal community.


To learn more about the benefits of the Lingotek + OPIN partnership for enterprise business, contact: Kent Bridges,  Lingotek VP Business Development, [email protected] 408 313 4323; Suzie Guerrero Lingotek Channel Manager, [email protected] 408 499 9727; or Chris Liko, OPIN Marketing Coordinator, [email protected], 613-656-9983.

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