Decoupled Drupal, Thinking Digitally and The Druper

In The OPIN Mic studio this month, Suzy is joined by Kojo Odapagyan, one of OPIN’s resident Drupal experts, and business development superstar Adam Burnett. Both Kojo and Adam were coincidentally OPIN’s October Employees of the Month. Talk about a podcast episode stacked with quality!

Decoupled Drupal

In our Tech Talk, Kojo demystifies decoupled Drupal and educates listeners on when it’s best to choose decoupled as your digital option - because sometimes, it’s just not!

Unfamiliar with the idea? Simply put, decoupled means your site’s front-end is built separately from the back-end Drupal system. Decoupled Drupal development is growing in popularity (especially on our team) because it allows you to get creative with how your site will ultimately look, and helps you overcome Drupal’s sometimes limited front-end design, all while maintaining its powerhouse content management back-end.

Digital Engagement

In the Biz Breakdown, Adam shares his insight on how cultural institutions can leverage digital experiences to take audience engagement to the next level. With technology a fluent part of our everyday lives, getting on board with digital is an invaluable way to connect institutions with their target audiences.

Does your museum feature virtual displays? Are you a zoo that offers video tours? Are you on the marketing team of an art gallery with interactive exhibits? If so, you’re on your way to great digital engagement. First time hearing about these ideas? Listen in for more.

Canada Games

Suzy wraps up this episode with the Marketing Minute where she talks about her experience travelling to Red Deer and Kananaskis, Alberta for the Canada Games’ National Sponsor Summit 1. The mission of her presentation? To help our national partners start thinking about how they can make the most of their partnership with the Games through digital activation. Tune in as she recounts her unique strategy at the 2017 Summer Games in Winnipeg. We’re talking about secret pages on websites. Whoa, Inspector Gadget!

If you’re a developer, business owner, marketer, sales associate or just have a general interest in the tech industry, especially Drupal, then this podcast is for you. Check us out, on-the-go, on iTunes or listen here, right now:

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