2015 Winter Games Illuminate the North App

The 2015 Canada Winter Games wanted something a little more memorable to launch into the Games. We love to think outside the box so we helped them Illuminate the North.

2015 Winter Games Illuminate the North App

The pressure to outdo and outperform other host cities or countries when launching into major sporting events is always high. Raising the bar every time can be daunting, to say the least.

The Canada Winter Games wanted to create a stunning digital experience in promotion of the 2015 Canada Winter Games. OPIN took the challenge and created an app structured around the theme around the Northern Lights.

The Canada Winters Games wanted to offer spectators a truly moving and memorable experience to launch into the 2015 Canada Winter Games. It should set the tone and reference one of Canada’s natural wonders. Lighters and smartphone lights wouldn’t cut it. They wanted to capture the Northern Lights.

OPIN created an ingenious application to capture the beauty and drama of the Northern Lights for a magical backdrop to launch into the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Dubbed Illuminate the North, the app was free and available on all mobile platforms to use during the Games Opening Ceremonies. It was an innovative and visually stunning alternative to the lighter or simple mobile light that delivered a moving experience featuring one of the Northern Hemisphere’s most spectacular sights. 

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"OPIN has been a huge supporter of these Games so it was a pleasure for us to think outside the box and come up with a creative alternative that would make the Opening Ceremonies really memorable."

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